Kagoshima/ Ibusuki Hot Springs/ IBUSUKI SHUSUIEN

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"Ibusuki Hot Springs" which is located the southeast of Satsuma Peninsula.
Phoenix and palm tree along specialty of Ibusuki "sand insect bath" and the shore
We bring on the southern country mood.
In hot spring resort of the sea blessed with abundant quantity of water, please relax relaxedly.

Access map
Kagoshima/ Ibusuki Hot Springs/ IBUSUKI SHUSUIEN
〒891-0406 5-27-27, Yunohama, Ibusuki-shi, Kagoshima
TEL 0993-23-4141 FAX 0993-24-4992
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Visitor who comes by train

Visitor who comes by train We see JR timetable in detail

Visitor who comes by car

Visitor who comes by car

Visitor who comes by air

Visitor who comes by air We see JR timetable in detail We see airport bus timetable in detail

Free pickup and drop-off

We take to and from by flight free to JR Ibusuki Station at the appointed hour.
We have you choose time than the following on the use,
Please make a reservation beforehand by all means. (even as for the reservation of the day, possible)

Information for use

Meeting At 13:30 at 14:20 at 15:10 at 15:40 at 16:20 at 16:50 at 17:20 18:40 << ※ reservation required >>
Forwarding At 7:50, it is 10:30 at 9:30 at 9:10

Convenience link

Please inflect for traffic access.
Way when do not understand, please feel free to contact. (tel. 0993-23-4141)

Information for sightseeing limited express

Sightseeing limited express "Ibusuki notamate box" which connects Kagoshima and Ibusuki

On March 12, 2011, new sightseeing limited express which connected Kagoshima-Chuo Station and Ibusuki Station made their debut with whole line opening of Kyushu Shinkansen!
As for the name "Ibusuki notamate box."
Origin of this name is associated with "Taro Urashima legend" to reach southernmost tip of Satsuma Peninsula, Nagasakibana of Ibusuki.
White, mountain-side half are kicked for coating by black, and half of the sea side are unique appearances full of senses of fun including Romaji notation of illustration and IBUTAMA of tamate box, and the body is got close to by nickname of "ibutama" by citizen.
In the inside of car, devices to be able to enjoy from counter-style seat and living room-style sofa, child including kids space that can play freely who turned to sea side with structure that warmth is felt of tree to adult are studded with everywhere.
In addition, mist which we likened to smoke of Urashima's box breaking out near the door at the time of the getting on and off is one of the pleasure.
Please enjoy trip to Kagoshima, Ibusuki on "Ibusuki notamate box" to one's heart's content.

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