The founding 55th anniversary

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The IBUSUKI SHUSUIEN founding 55th anniversary

Thanks to you, we turned out to be in reaching the founding 55th anniversary.
We have the help of all of you,
Having dealt in so far,
We thank deeply.

You follow tradition of SHUSUIEN which polishes, and has been loved by all of you, and follow until now
As from now on pure Japanese-style inn,
To meet expectation of all of you
We will make an effort.
We seem to have more patronage, support continuously,
We would like heartily

August, 2017 lucky day

The history began with this one 

In August, 1963,
yutsudoho which ran shochu warehouseman "Kiraku brewing,"
Villa of warehouseman whom there was in Yunohama, Ibusuki-shi,
It is founded as pure Japanese-style hotel "Kiraku" of eight rooms.
As for the shochu which it produced until inn founding those days and sold
It is "Kiraku",
It is the origin of IBUSUKI SHUSUIEN.
We have cooperation of "Ibusuki brewing" this time,
We will reproduce real shochu "Kiraku".

Step of the 55th anniversary of the SHUSUIEN founding

Birth of "inn Kiraku" is founded in August, 1963

yutsudoho (chairperson) which ran shochu warehouseman "Kiraku brewing" performs extension and/or alteration of villa of warehouseman
We found pure Japanese-style hotel "Kiraku" of eight guest rooms.

October, 1964

We enlarge guest room

We enlarge seven Japanese-style rooms. In 15 rooms.

October, 1967

The further enlargement

We increase large hall and marriage ceremonial halls, and it is evolved to various inns which can conjugate.

"Burse" (the left) and "chopsticks bag" at the time (the right). The lyrics such as "Ibusuki short ballads" were written in chopsticks bag.

"Hotel SHUSUIEN" is born from "inn Kiraku" to "Hotel SHUSUIEN" in February, 1969

We build main building (ridge of existing Shimazu) of reinforcing rod 3 stories.
We add 18 Japanese-style rooms newly and change our name from name to "Hotel SHUSUIEN".
In September, 1976, we were authorized by government registration inn.

yutsudoho (chairperson).
At the entrance which was reborn in "SHUSUIEN."
Comedian representing Showa, Frankie Sakai,
Classmate of yutsudoho and Kagoshima University elementary school attached.
There was interchange until later years.
Brochure at the time. What become model
yutsudoho and the daughter, the maid head and parlormaid at the time.
The hotel charges are setting of 2,000 yen - 8,000 yen,
There is waterwheel in lobby,
"Unagi Seiromushi" was noted product.
Receipt at the time. It is handwriting style to show the times.


Masaharu Ishii (the existing advisor) takes office as chef

In Ishii chef who would spread "taste" of today's SHUSUIEN having been born,
"SHUSUIEN" We will evolve to ha new shelf stage.

August, 1981

We start large remodeling

We build more new buildings (ridge of existing Ibusuki),
4 special rooms, restaurant, snack,
We remodel large communal bath, meeting room.

Group photo of 1980 New Year holidays.

January, 1985

"Japanese hotel, 100 selections of inns which tenth pro chooses"
We win the first place in dish section

We evaluate menu and serving meals (how to put out, fall), container, taste, quality, "meal" including quantity generally
We get the first place for the first time in dish section.

From 1992 to 5

Large renewal

We largely renew ridge of ridge, Shimazu of Ibusuki.
We build ridge of the dawn as ridge especially and, in the next year, become 52 number of the guest rooms.


We found sand footbathing

Specialty of Ibusuki Sunamushi spa
Please use casually.


Chartered bath "hot water we take place" birth

Redecorate guest room on ridge the first floor of Shimazu; chartered bath "hot water take place" two places,
We found one place of beauty treatment room.

It is changed its name from "Hotel SHUSUIEN" to "IBUSUKI SHUSUIEN" in August, 2015 to "IBUSUKI SHUSUIEN"

We keep a feeling of good quality only in pure Japanese-style inn carefully,
We challenge new stage.


"Japanese hotel, 100 selections of inns which 42nd pro chooses"
We win the consecutive first place in dish section for 33 years

We blow on persimmon pot bath and bake Satsuma black pork tender dish simmered in Bare miso-grilled abalone

August, 2017

We reach the founding 55th anniversary
To real shochu "Kiraku" reproduction

Cooperation: Ibusuki brewing

Real shochu to reproduce more than time of half a century

Inquiry about this matter

Inquiry by email is this

TEL 0993-23-4141 FAX 0993-24-4992
〒891-0406 5-27-27, Yunohama, Ibusuki-shi, Kagoshima

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The founding 55th anniversary

The founding 55th anniversary

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