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Untie; & relaxation beauty treatment

The etymology of aesthetics is "aesthetics, aesthetic sense of beauty".
For woman, feeling to wish that it wants to be beautiful does not change all through the ages.
Because the origin of beauty is healthy and is healthy, it is the time when relaxation is required.
You have you heal tired heart and body, and please spend a time of peace.

Hand ri, ra, ku palm of healing

Business hours From 16:00 to 22:00 (reservation required)
We accept menu you like and, on account of the business hours, may not do it. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
Instructions ※Please talk about using pregnant one, injury, postoperative one, pacemaker with the person in charge.
I may decline in some cases.

Body care

In addition to comfortable stretch, we untie muscle of whole body carefully.
We fix physical balance by adjustment of whole body.

30 minutes (partial or whole body) 4,320 yen
50 minutes (from head to foot) 6,480 yen
80 minutes (from head to foot) 9,720 yen
Extension ten minutes 1,080 yen


It is facial massage, facial care by ion treatment. Enhancement course runs out of supersonic waves for 30 minutes. ※We would appreciate it if we have you remove makeup beforehand.

20 minutes basics
(facial massage
Ion treatment)
4,320 yen
30 minutes enhancement
(facial massage
Supersonic waves, ion treatment)
5,400 yen

Reflexology (foot pot)

Foot "the second heart." We fix balance of whole body by stimulating reflection ward,
We raise natural healing power. ※We can accept by unit for ten minutes. Extension is possible, too.

20 minutes (sole) 3,240 yen
30 minutes basics (sole, calf) 4,320 yen
40 minutes enhancement (sole, calf) 5,400 yen

Recommendation course

Specialty A
(reflexology 20 minutes + body care 30 minutes)
7,560 yen
Specialty B
(reflexology 20 minutes + facial 30 minutes)
8,640 yen
Specialty C
(body care 30 minutes + facial 30 minutes)
9,720 yen
Full-course meal
(reflexology 20 minutes + body care 30 minutes + facial 30 minutes)
12,960 yen

Only for women

Aroma treatment

Flavor of essential oil and the ingredient lead unpleasant state of heart and body to good direction and raise nature healing power that anyone has. We ease stiffness and tension by oil massage carefully and fix lymphatic flow.

30 minutes (partially) 5,400 yen
60 minutes (from head to foot) 9,720 yen
80 minutes (whole body + facial) 12,960 yen

Aroma treatment

We remove extra dirt by cleansing and we put on neck, face from shoulder with aroma oil and massage and lead to fair skin effect. ※We would appreciate it if we have you remove makeup beforehand.

30 minutes (basics) 5,400 yen
Aroma extension ten minutes 1,620 yen

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