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In southern country, Kagoshima, please enjoy the finest taste that was particular about local production for local consumption of careful selection material including fishery products landed in vegetables, the sea near the shore which grew up well.

Thanks to you, we won the first place in the dishes section of "Japanese hotel, 100 selections of inns which professional chose" for 32 consecutive years!

You forget busy daily life, and please spend relaxed time

"Ibusuki Hot Springs" proud of abundant quantity of water said that hot spring begins to spring out even if we dig where. Hot spring flowing constantly from the source warms body from core on skin kindly.

Please spend time for relaxation in guest room of presence of mind that you projected garden of healing filled with greenery, heart of the sum on.

We draw lots with one set of state from person who had you apply and will tell about successful result.

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The 55th anniversary of the foundation

The 55th anniversary of the foundation

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