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Policy about SHUSUIEN privacy policy

We recognize that it is important information that personal information constitutes privacy, and IBUSUKI SHUSUIEN (we call "us" as follows) observes laws and ordinances about personal information when it handles our social duty and thought, personal information to measure thorough protection and establishes policy as follows and performs their continuous improvement.

1. About the acquisition of personal information

We have personal information of customer in the following cases in us.

[1] In the case of the use of giving service various by fate of laws and ordinances, accomodation clause accommodation, banquet.
[2] When it is requested application for a lot of accommodation, banquets service or document.
[3] In the case of answer to questionnaire.

2.About use purpose of personal information

In us, we use personal information that customer gave to only for the following cases, and customer may not use personal information other than the offered purpose.

[1] When there is agreement from customer.
[2] Information with E-mail, direct mail, telephone about events for a lot of accommodation, banquets service.
[3] When it is necessary to contact customer for some reason from us including communication such as decision and confirmation of reservation, answer to inquiry, thing left behind in the use.
[4] Document offer to marketing research not to identify individual in public institution.
Statistics investigations by example) city, sex by public institutions of prefectures, age-specific native place prefecture.
[5] Marketing research not to identify individual in us.
Attitude surveys of the hotel use by example) sex, age-specific native place prefecture.

3.Management and protection of personal information

We disclose data of personal information and do not contribute to third party unless we decide to perform management of personal information severely and had customer consent. In addition, we give appropriate treatment to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, manipulation, leak about personal information.

(a) About preservation of personal information and disclosure, correction, deletion
When there is request of disclosure, correction, deletion from customer, we perform it after having confirmed that it is the person based on our predetermined procedure. In addition, we save only as the use of service offer that had you apply for personal information that customer gave to and delete for a certain period of time after the progress.

(b) About third party offer of personal information
We contribute to third party or personal information that customer gave to may not disclose except the handling, the following cases carefully.
(i) When there is agreement of customer.
(ii) When we are called based on laws and ordinances.
(iii) Duties trust point about maintenance, management of system.

(c) About safety management
For security of personal information, is rational for prevention such as unauthorized access or loss, destruction, manipulation, leak; take safety measures.
(i) For all people handling personal information, we carry out enlightenment activity to observe laws and ordinances about protection of personal information and other models and in-house education.
(ii) We elect manager and person in charge every privacy policy section and perform appropriate management.
(iii) About approach about personal information protection in the company, we carry out inspection regularly.

4.Governing laws

We observe laws and ordinances, model applied about personal information that we hold.

5. Continuous improvement of personal information protection regime and structure

In us, we carry out continuous appropriate improvement depending on laws and ordinances or social environmental change about regime about this basic policy, prescribed operation in the company and personal information protection.

(a) About contents change of "privacy policy"
When contents of mention have change, we announce so in our homepage.

(b) Contact information
References about our privacy policy are as follows.
Please refer by email, sealed letter, FAX.
〒891-0406 Ibusuki, Kagoshima City Yunohama 5-27-27
IBUSUKI SHUSUIEN reservation Information Systems Section
TEL: 0993-23-4141 FAX: 0993-24-4992

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