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Hot water of the source of Ibusuki proud of hot spring which is full of bathing heals heart and body.

They say that wherever you dig ground, you will strike hot springs
in the Ibusuki Hot Springs area with an ample supply of water.
Please enjoy comfortable spa.

Large communal bath, open-air bath flowing constantly from the source

Large communal bath

Hot water pouring rapidly from pouring gate makes your body hot from insede.
[bathing time] From 13:30 to 23:30, next morning 6:00 ...

megumi of the earth flowing thick and fast of large communal bath Ibusuki

Please thoroughly enjoy megumi of the earth of Ibusuki at extensive bathhouse.

While we are blown by wind that outdoor bath is refreshing, we enjoy bathing

We add to large communal bath, and there is outdoor bath, too. While you are blown by refreshing wind, please enjoy bathing luxuriously.

Place after bath

We prepare for yellowtail not to do providing of digesting medicine which does not do providing aperient medicine taking fatigue of trip and fatigue of the stomach and intestines in place after bath, action noarugennoshokoogo of bowels medicine.


We add to large communal bath, outdoor bath and establish sauna permanently.
Everyday fatigue, please be healed.
[use time] Until from 13:30 to 22:00

"Bihada-no-Yu" Japan's leading content of natural humidity retention ingredient

Spring quality, effect

SHUSUIEN's spa is "Sodium chloride spring"
that have the effect to fix melanin that protects skin from ultraviolet rays.
After bathing, your skin gets really smooth!
It has also a characteristics to prevent from getting cold.

Quality: Sodium chloride spring
Effect: Neuralgia, muscular pain, arthralgia, stiff and painful shoulder of fifty years of age,
bruise, stiff of arthro, sprain, chronic digestive organ illness,
disease convalescence, hemorrhoids, poor circulation, relieving fatigue, healthy increase,
cut, burn, chronic dermatopathia, weak child, chronic woman's illness, etc.

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Special time that we take reserved hot water, and place spends at will

There are 2 types of reserved tea rooms with special lounge, Japanese-style one and Western-style one.
Gorgeous time with calm downlight and comfortable sound of bamboo leaves.
Please enjoy the private room with no one interrupting you.
In addition, the rooms are free of barriers.

[Rate] 50 minutes 3,000 yen (tax-included)
[use time] From 14:00 to 23:00 (※ last reception desk 22:00)
※Please offer reservation after the arrival.

Reserved bathing tokohi

"Reservations bathing tokohi" where flavor of hinoki is comfortable.
We are jolted for comfortable wind of open ground and soak in bathtub warm of hinoki…. Both heart and body warm to core.

Reserved bathing tokohi

Reserved bathing toko*

Stone bath "reservations bathing tokoheki" of fantastic appearance.
Please thoroughly enjoy Ibusuki Hot Springs proud of abundant quantity of water to luxuriously in chartered bath.

Reserved bathing toko*

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The advice of sand steamed hot spring bathing

Sunamushi-kaikan Hall "Saraku" (from this hotel a 3-minute walk)

Ibusuki is sand steamed Onsen. Only natural sand steamed hot spring uses abundant hot spring gushing out in the shore in the world. Spring quality is sodium chloride spring, and effect is paralyzed after neuralgia, rheumatism, low back pain, stiff and painful shoulder of fifty years of age, knee joint ache, the stroke, and pains such as bone fracture, menopausal disorders freeze and are disease with poor circulation. The use of young woman increases for total cosmetology and gets favorable reception from overseas customer as Japanese-style sauna recently.

We lead to other hotels when Sunamushi-kaikan Hall "Saraku" is closed.
You can confirm on homepage of Sunamushi-kaikan Hall "Saraku" for closed days.

  1. At reception desk of SHUSUIEN ticket
    You can purchase.
  2. It is one of approximately three minutes on foot We arrive in Sunamushi-kaikan Hall "Saraku".
  3. We hand a ticket at the reception of "Saraku". Receive a yukata and go to the changeroom.
  4. According to sign, we fall in the shore, and at first let's hear instructions in case of bathing well!
  5. As we bind hair with towel properly, we do not have to worry even about woman♪
  6. The staff hangs sand quickly!
  7. After 10-15 min. break out into heavy sweat.
  8. After pouring out sweat enough, raise youself.
  9. Put off the yukata and wash away the sand.
  10. After Sunamushi spa, please spend time in hot spring and sauna relaxedly…

If we sweat in sand steam bath
Take a walk while feeling the sea breeze
It is recommended to have.

The shore slowly as for the walk…◎

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