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Kagoshima/ Ibusuki Hot Springs/ IBUSUKI SHUSUIEN

Best price guarantee reservation

When you are the best, become wonderful trip

Be healed by trip to south Satsuma where there is atmosphere of southern country…
For best time to spend in "SHUSUIEN", please relax relaxedly.
We suggest recommended how to spend that fitted customer to become wonderful trip.

For memory that two people are wonderful for "couple"…

Please spend just two of us relaxed special 1st.
You can spend quiet time. Have wonderful memory of two people.

The first day: 2 days and 1 night excursion to deepen bond of lovers

To tourist attraction to be able to enjoy by couple

Power spot where is popular among lovers
Guard station nose nature park / sea horse house
Sea horse is symbol of "good luck, health, romance accomplishment & Mr. and Mrs. harmony, child, easy delivery". We do wish at the number of times to sound bell.
It is the best place to deepen bond of couple.

It is this in detail guard station nose nature park / sea horse house

SHUSUIEN check-in

After having enjoyed in sacred place for lovers; to this hotel
As you arrive at this hotel in approximately a little less than one hour when you come by car, please visit relaxedly.

Ibusuki Hot Springs noted product! Sand steam bath!
To sand steam bath experience

It is sure that we can see expression of equal, unusual two people in Sunamushi-kaikan Hall "Saraku", thing.
"Carefree" can enjoy traditional sand steaming that we cannot readily taste in others.

After the bath towel a time to dinner
In room slowly

Please spend relaxedly until time of meal while enjoying story of today's trip or plan of the tomorrow's trip while cooling down health that relaxed in hot spring.

"Japanese hotel, 100 selections of inns which professional chooses"
Meal of first place receiving a prize consecutive for dishes section 34 years

Finally to meal
We can have while having you relax in meal oo private room of consecutive first place receiving a prize for "Japanese hotel, 100 selections of inns which professional chooses" dishes section 34 years.

Take reserved hot water; place
Of extreme popularity! To "reservations hot water we take place"

"We take hot water, and, in the place," Japanese style and Western-style two types can spend deluxe time when bamboo leaf sound which it is, and calm atmosphere of downlight and wind easy for play is comfortable in families reservations with exclusive living after the dinner.

Hot spring
When we wait in room after chartered bath was enjoyed

Because it is hot-spring hotel, please enjoy felt relaxed time in two people to the full.
It is how to spend only by trip to talk in two people slowly while sometimes drinking liquor

Going to bed
We go to bed relaxedly

We are selected smoothly, and plan of the tomorrow's trip goes to bed, too

The second day: The second day is spa luxury, too

Getting up
To morning bath

One day to begin in from good morning of fatigue cast-off skin waking of body
At first please enjoy from hot spring of lying down and getting up

Breakfast which is kind to body

Mainly on seasonal ingredients that breakfast was particular about products of the district,
We offer menu which is kind to body.

Stand in hall
Walk in hall and souvenir

We prepare a lot of local souvenirs in hall.
As there is popular thing including shochu of this museum-affiliated company a lot, buying lapse of memory of souvenir is all right, too ♪ Please drop in in peace.

SHUSUIEN check-out

The second day is lunch in Mt. road station River Port "live coastal highway"♪
To Nagasakibana Palace of the Dragon King Shrine

Fresh taste only in fishing port

In good harbor "mountain River Port" of nature known as eminent unloading ground of skipjack
Port of Mt., road station River "there is live coastal highway (is, and how is worth).
You can enjoy bowl which meibutsuon of Ibusuki does not collect.
[address] 1-10, Yamagawakinseicho, Ibusuki-shi, Kagoshima
[telephone] 0993-27-6507

It is this Mt. road station River Port "live coastal highway" in detail Store which "bowl which on does not collect" can eat is this

To Nagasakibana Palace of the Dragon King Shrine

We are considered to be one of Taro Urashima legend place, and there is sandy beach where sea turtle goes ashore for laying eggs in the nearby shore.
Because there is benefit of matchmaking, we are known, and bond of two people is place deepening more, too.
[address] Yamagawacho, Ibusuki-shi, Kagoshima Oka child ka water

Welcome back
Please return carefully

After having fully enjoyed trip of 2 days and 1 night, please return carefully.

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The 55th anniversary of the foundation

The 55th anniversary of the foundation

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