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It is ... for family vacation that is with child in "family"

For family vacation with child.
Trip of the Ibusuki University enjoyment that can be idle in families! After having enjoyed for sightseeing in leisure,
Please spend time in hot-spring hotel without needing family water.

Luxurious trip that nothing does in "standard"…

We forget daily life in SHUSUIEN and spend slow time….
Please spend special holiday in hall where the history is deep.

The first day: We can play family! IBUSUKI size enjoyment 2 days and 1 night

Fresh taste only in fishing port

In good harbor "mountain River Port" of nature known as eminent unloading ground of skipjack,
There is Mt. road station River Port "live coastal highway" (we are, and how is worth).
[address] 1-10, Yamagawakinseicho, Ibusuki-shi, Kagoshima
[telephone] 0993-27-6507

It is this Mt. road station River Port "live coastal highway" in detail

To "flower park Kagoshima" largest in the country

In 36.5 hectares to see Nishiki harbor and Kaimondake,
Plant of approximately 2,400 kinds of 400,000 is planted mainly on subtropical flora.

Others, Nagasakibana parking garden,
[address] 1571-1, Yamagawaokachiyogamizu, Ibusuki-shi, Kagoshima
[telephone] 0993-35-0111
There are a large number of sightseeing spots in neighborhood including Lake famous Ikeda in isshi.

SHUSUIEN check-in

After having played with all one's might, please spend time in hot-spring hotel without family being necessary.

Large communal bath, open-air bath
Promptly to hot spring

A time until meal
In hot spring overflowing from bath Exit thick and fast, please sweat.

"Japanese hotel, 100 selections of inns which professional chooses"
Meal of first place receiving a prize consecutive for dishes section 34 years

Finally to meal
We can have while having you relax in meal oo private room of consecutive first place receiving a prize for "Japanese hotel, 100 selections of inns which professional chooses" dishes section 34 years.

Take reserved hot water; place
Without holding family water; to "reserved hot water take place"

"We take hot water, and it becomes Japanese style and Western-style two types, and place" can spend deluxe time when bamboo leaf sound which calm atmosphere of downlight and wind easy for play is comfortable in families reservations with exclusive living.

Going to bed
We go to bed relaxedly

Talk about memory of trip; going to bed in room
Extensive guest room does time in families luxuriously more wealthily.

The second day: The second day is spa luxury, too

Getting up
To morning bath

With waking that slept by hot spring effect well, and was refreshing to large communal bath

Breakfast which is kind to body

Mainly on seasonal ingredients that breakfast was particular about products of the district,
We offer menu which is kind to body.

Have souvenir in hall

By all means in hall souvenir
This hotel original shochu made with brewing of local Ibusuki
We have a lot of products like area.

SHUSUIEN check-out

It is a 3-minute walk than this hotel
There is "sand steam bath" symbolizing IBUSUKI hot spring.

Open-air bath
Healthy land open-air bath "Urashima's box hot spring"

There are two Western-style outdoor baths consisting of large communal baths Japanese style in place of superb view which the East China Sea opens in the front, and Takeyama of Kaimondake called "Satsuma Fuji" and original form can expect. Particularly, Japanese style open-air bath to be able to take while looking at Kaimondake is popular.

Welcome back
Please return carefully

After having fully enjoyed trip of 2 days and 1 night, please return carefully.

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The 55th anniversary of the foundation

The 55th anniversary of the foundation

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