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Kagoshima/ Ibusuki Hot Springs/ IBUSUKI SHUSUIEN

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When you are the best, become wonderful trip

Be healed by trip to south Satsuma where there is atmosphere of southern country…
For best time to spend in "SHUSUIEN", please relax relaxedly.
We suggest recommended how to spend that fitted customer to become wonderful trip.

"Women's trip" It is gourmet in this! Sightseeing! Varied!

Hot spring of this hotel is called "Bijin-no-Yu" and is very popular among women.
With all the close friends, please enjoy trip to Ibusuki.

The first day: Tourist attraction full loading to be able to enjoy in product for women's groups! We enjoy "hot water" and "meal" of Ibusuki.

To power spot pot lid Shinto shrine which is popular among women!

Power spot that is called pot lid great gracious god.
God, susanoonomikoto of bu is enshrined, and game of chance and good luck charm, good luck include benefit, as for the celebrities such as athlete or talent
It seems to come a lot. 

SHUSUIEN check-in

We arrive by car from pot lid Shinto shrine in around 60 minutes.
After having done prayer in holy space,
Please spend a happy time with friend in hot-spring hotel.

Ibusuki Hot Springs noted product! Sand steam bath!
To Ibusuki Hot Springs sand bath!

Promptly to sand bath
There is "sand steam bath" symbolizing Ibusuki Hot Springs from this hotel in a 3-minute walk.

While feeling the sea breeze

We take a walk through along the shore with yukata
It is recommended to have you take a walk while feeling the sea breeze if we write sweat in sand steam bath.

"Japanese hotel, 100 selections of inns which professional chooses"
Meal of first place receiving a prize consecutive for dishes section 34 years

Finally to meal
We can have while having you relax in meal oo private room of consecutive first place receiving a prize for "Japanese hotel, 100 selections of inns which professional chooses" dishes section 34 years.

Large communal bath, open-air bath
To woman reputation "Bihada-no-Yu"

To woman to reputation "Bihada-no-Yu" large communal bath
that have the effect to fix melanin that protects skin from ultraviolet rays. After bathing, your skin gets really smooth!

Beauty treatment
We enjoy relaxation♪

There are sole massage and facial using beauty treatment room "ri, ra, ku pa - mu" aroma oil, body care. Please by favorite combination

Going to bed
We go to bed relaxedly

We go to bed for tomorrow after flower bloomed for girls talk with friend

The second day: The second day is spa luxury, too

Getting up
To morning bath

With waking that slept by hot spring effect well, and was refreshing to large communal bath

Breakfast which is kind to body

Mainly on seasonal ingredients that breakfast was particular about products of the district,
We offer menu which is kind to body.

Have souvenir in hall

By all means in hall souvenir.
We have a lot of shochu of this hotel original and products like area.

Active day….

To sightseeing on the trip second day.
Please spend active 1st with body which appeared of spirit for breakfast of morning bath and fresh material.

To sightseeing
Theme park of the nation's largest flower

To flower park Kagoshima.
It is theme park of the nation's largest flower that plant of approximately 2,400 kinds of 400,000 was planted mainly on subtropical flora.

We enjoy lunch in Ibusuki

How about Class B gourmet "bowl which on does not collect" of Ibusuki?
As for the feelings, onsen-tamago to make at the source of sand steamed hot spring of Ibusuki is using "ontama" for short♪
Please enjoy powerful charm gourmet of women's trip!

Welcome back
Please return carefully

After having fully enjoyed trip of 2 days and 1 night, please return carefully.

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The 55th anniversary of the foundation

The 55th anniversary of the foundation

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