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When you are the best, become wonderful trip

Be healed by trip to south Satsuma where there is atmosphere of southern country…
For best time to spend in "SHUSUIEN", please relax relaxedly.
We suggest recommended how to spend that fitted visitor to become wonderful trip.

"Couple" It be day when ni is wonderful…

Have couple private trip. For memorial day and present trip.
It be wonderful day…

The first day: Trip that couple water does not enter and feels the history of Satsuma.

To tourist attraction to be able to enjoy in couples

Satsuma Denshokan Museum
1:00 to feel the history and atmosphere of Satsuma
It is in approximately eight minutes and within easy reach of by car from this hotel.
If come here; Satsuma in share karuo catch phrase
We hear to see the history about Satsuma (there is * sound guide rental) and can enjoy.

It is this in detail Satsuma Denshokan Museum

SHUSUIEN check-in

It is arrival by car to this hotel from Satsuma Denshokan Museum in eight minutes.
Please spend a time of couple private healing in hot-spring hotel.

Ibusuki Hot Springs noted product! Sand steam bath!
From this hotel to specialty of Ibusuki sand steaming of a 3-minute walk

"Sunamushi-kaikan Hall Saraku" (saraku) is Kagoshima dialect,
"saraku" to know if we walk about.
We go to visit "we are carefree" to local people more and "enjoy", and I want,
Request for toiu is put.
After having walked about by sightseeing, please drop in by all means.

Is room after return from steamed hot water; slowly

As after steamed hot water was enjoyed, metabolism of body improves, too
Please relax slowly until sweat goes down.
Take supply of moisture well on this occasion.

"Japanese hotel, 100 selections of inns which professional chooses"
Meal of first place receiving a prize consecutive for dish section 32 years

Finally to meal
We can have while having you relax in meal oo private room of consecutive first place receiving a prize for "Japanese hotel, 100 selections of inns which professional chooses" dish section 32 years.

Walk in hall is recommended after dinner

Historical books can sit on * in gallery in lobby. As it is one of the highlight, look at garden lighted up by all means.

Hot spring
Before going to bed to hot spring of SHUSUIEN

Outdoor bath is established together with large communal bath.
You enjoy good hot spring of spring quality of Ibusuki, and please heal body for trip to tomorrow slowly.

Going to bed
After having been slightly slow, we go to bed in room

We go to bed in room for tomorrow

The second day: We enjoy "meal" of Ibusuki on the second day!

Getting up
To morning bath

Waking is refreshing with body untied in hot spring in the morning, too.
Before breakfast to morning bath.

Breakfast which is kind to body

Mainly on seasonal ingredients that breakfast was particular about products of the district,
We offer menu which is kind to body.

We choose souvenir after breakfast easily in hall

We prepare a lot of local souvenirs in hall.
As there is popular thing including shochu of this museum-affiliated company a lot, buying lapse of memory of souvenir is all right, too ♪ Please drop in in peace.

SHUSUIEN check-out

On the second day, it drives shoreline for fresh seafood of Ibusuki♪

We can enjoy the fresh subject matter only in fishing port

In natural good harbor "Yamakawa Port known as eminent unloading ground of skipjack," "there is live coastal highway (we are, and how is worth) roadside station Yamakawa Port.
[address] 1-10, Yamagawakinseicho, Ibusuki-shi, Kagoshima
[telephone] 0993-27-6507

It is this roadside station Yamakawa Port "live coastal highway" in detail

Welcome back
Please return carefully

After having fully enjoyed trip of 2 days and 1 night, please return carefully.

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