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Kagoshima/ Ibusuki Hot Springs/ IBUSUKI SHUSUIEN

The best price guarantee reservation

When you are the best, become wonderful trip

Be healed by trip to south Satsuma where there is atmosphere of southern country…
For best time to spend in "SHUSUIEN", please relax relaxedly.
We suggest recommended how to spend that was good for customer to become wonderful trip.

Luxurious trip that nothing does in "standard"…

We forget daily life in SHUSUIEN and spend slow time….
Please spend special holiday in hall where history is deep.

The first day: We enjoy "hot water" and "meal" of ... Ibusuki non-every day in space in a time of relaxation.

Limited express train
Sightseeing limited express "Ibusuki notamate box"

... sightseeing limited express "Ibusuki tamate box" which connects ... Kagoshima and Ibusuki

Train trip of about 51 minutes from Kagoshima-Chuo Station to Ibusuki
"We can look at Kinko Bay and Sakurajima from the inside of car full of senses of fun.

It is this Ibusuki notamate box in detail

Arrival at Ibusuki Station
It arrives at Ibusuki Station

The staff of this hotel will go to station to meet at station. (free pickup and drop-off)
It is around five minutes by car between Ibusuki Station and hotel.

SHUSUIEN check-in

Meeting begins in the entrance.
You are silent, and please enjoy history if you step with one step foot in hall.

Large communal bath, open-air bath
Hot spring flowing constantly from the source…

Hot spring which overflows from bath Exit thick and fast,
We warm body from core on skin kindly.

We take a short break in room

Please spend time to dinner slowly in room.
We can have you enjoy bath agarino one cup in room after having enjoyed hot spring.

This ground naradehano which skilled cook charms
Meal of delicious delicacy, flavor

Finally to meal
We can have while having meal relax in private room.

We are relaxed from head to foot in footbath

You can enjoy the earth of Ibusuki after a meal in footbath in hall.
We enjoy sand footbath, footbathing while looking at garden lighted up, and body is warm

Walk in relaxing and hall

Books of heroes who ran through revolution in gallery "shu" in hall let thing watching hold thought of many emotions.
Please enjoy the beauty of Satsuma.

Going to bed
We go to bed relaxedly

Please spend a relaxed time to do nothing in room.
When body that the daily noise was healed in detached room, hot spring is to the finest sleep on futon

The second day: We thoroughly enjoy morning of relaxed holiday

Getting up
To morning bath

With waking that slept by hot spring effect well, and was refreshing to large communal bath

Breakfast which is kind to body

Mainly on seasonal ingredients that breakfast was particular about products of the district,
We offer menu which is kind to body.

Have souvenir in hall

By all means in hall souvenir
This hotel original shochu made with brewing of local Ibusuki
We have a lot of products like area.

SHUSUIEN check-out

It is a 3-minute walk than this hotel
There is "sand steam bath" symbolizing IBUSUKI hot spring.

Welcome back
Please return carefully

After having fully enjoyed trip of 2 days and 1 night, please return carefully.

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The 55th anniversary of the foundation

The 55th anniversary of the foundation

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